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Reference Documents

Audited Financials FYE 12-31-16

AVAP Council Charter

Stakeholders Webinar
Recorded 12-16-2014

Governance Documents

2015-05-20 Oral Hearing Transcript

Alaska's Open Meetings Act

2016 Plan of Operation (pdf)

Plan of Operation (pdf)

Assessment Rate Workbooks and Notifications

2017 Assessment Setting Workbook

2016 Assessment Setting Workbook

2015 Assessment Setting Workbook

Approval of 2018 Assessment Rates

Approval of 2017 Assessment Rates

2018 AVAP Notice of Assessment Rate Change

2017 AVAP Notice of Assessment Rate Change

Other Helpful Documents

FAQs (pdf)

Payers' Reporting Calendar

Filing Guides
Information and instruction on how to file your report.

Glossary of Terms
Terms and definitions from the world of state-supplied and federally funded vaccines.

2014 Act Establishing the Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program (pdf)
Statute effective 01-01-2015.

Approved Vaccines for 2015 (pdf)
Vaccine Assessment Covered Vaccines - 01-01-2015.

AVAP Annual Reports and Financials

Will be posted at the end of each year in a reasonable period of time.

Abridged Alaska Immunization Funding History

How AVAP's Assessment Rates Are Determined
AVAP receives from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) the estimated vaccine costs for non-federally paid vaccines and allocates those costs across the estimated number of eligible Alaska resident children and adults. AVAP computes a per child and per adult covered life per month assessment rate for each fiscal year. This computation considers all of AVAP's costs to maintain the Alaska Immunization Program, including reserves as allowed by statute, to minimize the risk of having to make a supplemental assessment. Any excess funds are carried forward to reduce next year’s assessment.

Council Meeting Minutes

Council Meeting Minutes: January 21
Council Meeting Minutes: February 17
Council Meeting Minutes: June 1
Council Meeting Minutes: July 31
Council Meeting Minutes: September 24

Council Meeting Minutes: March 3
Council Meeting Minutes: May 3
Council Meeting Minutes: June 16
Council Meeting Minutes: September 28

Council Meeting Minutes: February 14
Council Meeting Minutes: May 18

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